Benjamin Franklin's Bi-focals Just Got An Upgrade

Benjamin Franklin first invented the Bi-Focal Lens in 1750.  250 years later, companies are still peddling the same big 'D' shape design!

As a Bi-Focal wearer, I decided it was time for an upgrade!  4Eyes is the World's First Bi-Focal stick-on lens designed to adhere to any shape sunglasses, safety glasses or underwater goggles!
4Eyes innovative design uses 3M's re-usable, optically clear adhesive and it's patent pending shape emulates the linear movement of your eyes

Just peel and stick!  Made in the U.S.A. - 4Eyes is UV protective, waterproof, non yellowing and guaranteed for life.
We're set to roll out our first production run on Indiegogo!  See at
Please feel free to reach out.  I would love to talk more about my new project.

Malcolm McLean
Founder / 4Eyes LLC
323 - 418 - 2468

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