Crowdfunding campaign to revolutionise the almighty Aussie flip flop nears target

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Monday 15th September, 2014

Crowdfunding campaign to revolutionise
the almighty Aussie flip flop nears target

The iconic Aussie flip flop, better known in Oz as ‘thongs’, will get a revamp thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised $10,000 in the first hour and exceeded the initial $30,000 target within two weeks.

Start-up company Willi Footwear from the Gold Coast, Australia, launched the campaign to help fund their revolutionary spin on the flip flop and look set to reach their extended $40k target in the remaining six days of the campaign.

Not only are the flip flops highly-functional, featuring boomerang-shaped plugs to minimise the chances of an embarrassing ‘blow-out’, they also come with interchangeable straps allowing the wearer to customise the base with different coloured straps.

With the option to change colours to match your clothes or accessories, the interchangeable range is a stylish innovation on the iconic piece of essential summer footwear. 

There are four base and six strap colours including black, white, and the metallic range of red, blue, green and nude, allowing for 24 possible colour combinations.

Managing Director and Founder of Willi Footwear, Brad Munro, says after a long and expensive process securing the patents and putting the intellectual property protection in place they are hoping the campaign will allow them to launch into Australian, United States, and European markets.

“We are overwhelmed by the support so far, as well as the interest we’ve had from local and overseas distributors, but there’s still a way to go to meet our extended funding goal of $40k and get production underway.”
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