Past meets Present Style with Atelier Nelli

Atelier Nelli: Past meets Present Style 


We often look at the past with a certain amount of nostalgia. We remember it as a gilded time full of passion and mystery. In fact, so often do we romanticize bygone times and long forgotten eras that we at times forget about the immediate beauty of the present and the perfection of the moments that we are living, and the ones yet to come.

The realm of retail is no different; it is merely an extension of that part of human nature that is never quite satisfied. Instead of nostalgia for what used to be, there is an obsession with the new; a constant desire to make trends, to leave old trends in the dust, to declare the next novel thing as the most fashionable. In the quest for the latest and greatest idea that will fly off the racks, many retailers forget that true style is timeless, while trend is and will always be, simply for the moment.

Macedonian born brand Atelier Nelli has the unique distinction of recognizing the difference between timeless elegance and temporary trend. Due to this unique point of view the brand has been able to carve a distinctive niche in contemporary fashion. Each Atelier Nelli collection is painstakingly crafted to provide for and appeal to more than just the stereotypical "fashionable woman". It is designed to speak to something infinitely more timeless: a woman's personality in all its permutations.

Head designer Neli Ilieva wanted to create more than just a garment to be worn and discarded at the end of the day. She wanted to make a true and accurate reflection of the multi-faceted characteristics of a woman. She wanted her line to be as inclusive of human nature as it was of style.

The result was the birth of Atelier Nelli. Each collection harnesses the contradictory elements of our emotions and our state of being; playing hard against soft, modest against coquettish, masculine against feminine, and so on. More importantly, Ilieva is able to weave the past with the present to create pieces that satisfy our urge to have it all. Her latest collection was heavily inspired by the retro styles of both men and women in the '40s and '50s.

One can again see contradictory elements at play in updated pant suit sets which riff off of strong masculine silhouettes by feminizing them with soft tailoring while simultaneously modernizing their inspiration with interestingly textured fabrics and sleek shapes. Floral jacquard, free flowing skirts, and bandeau tops also thread their way through the collection offering a sense of whimsy and elegance while softening the masculine edge lent by the variety of suiting options.

Whether a dress and skirt type or a power suit and sport coat kind of lady, the modern woman will find something to call her own in this collection. 

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